Friday, August 17, 2012

Where the **** is Thomas!

Yeap... I have not been doing well in my updates here.  So sorry about that.  Lots of changes going on so that has played a factor but all of them for the good. 

We closed today and everything went pretty well.  I will not go into all the details right now (pretty tired) but there were no issues uncovered by myself or the inspector that I hired that were insurmountable.  I pretty proud though since I installed our water softener all by myself (pats self on back).  There are a few images at the end here of the water softener.  All I have to say is the cordless Dremel tool is a must have to make things easier when cutting and smoothing the end of PVC or CPVC pipe.  Don't think about it, just get one (or equivalent) if you are doing a project with any piping.

Here are the pictures of the house in various stages the first being the final state.  l will post more progress as time goes on here.  I plan on epoxying the garage floor tomorrow after the installers get the garage door opener put into place.