Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shower Faucet

So it is a little strange but I do not like the faucets that you have to turn in a circle to turn on go through the cold and then get to the hot.  I want to have a lever faucet that you lift up to turn on because sometimes I turn off the water while I am in the shower, and I don't like getting hit with the cold blast again when I turn it on.

This Moen model TL182 is what comes with the shower currently:

The Moen model L3175 is what I would like to replace it with:

The Moentrol valve type is what allow the lever on the L3175 versus the dial turn on the TL182 (PosiTemp).

I spoke with the SR and they said that if I could find another Moen faucet that I wanted they would send in the request for me.  I sent the the information to them tonight and they are submitting it to the main office for approval in the morning, so we shall see.


  1. Not so strange. Every now and then I shut off the water, realize I didn't completely rinse out the shampoo, and pin myself in the corner to avoid the initial blast of cold water.

  2. Wow, you think of everything. They look pretty much the same to me though. Maybe just the way the knob turns is different?

  3. Yeah, they look the same but the valve is definitely different. I had to stare and read for a little while. Even called them today to confirm. You can turn off and on the water but keep it at the same temperature setting.

    Here is the PDF link for the L3175 if so inclined :-)