Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slab'ing it down

PM called this morning to let me know that the slab was going to be poured today.  I stopped by after work and there it was all nice and smooth like.  PM also said that the framing was on track to start next week, woot!

Video of the perimeter of the house and some views of the lot.

The front

Garage  **imagines possible future epoxy coating applications**

Front of basement #1

Front of basement #2

Right side of basement

Egress window

Morning room

Basement window

Left side storage room from back of the house

Looking Northwest

Found a lot marker in the back right (southwest) and it matches with the curb marking

Looking northeast

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fill in the holes

The sewage pipe has been covered and lot has been roughly graded in the front and on the sides. 

Called the PM to kindly ask that he double check the sewage pipe to confirm that everything is sound.  I was assured that it was good to go.  Having a basement backup is one of the top things that I want to deal with!

The slab is scheduled to be poured tomorrow, weather permitting.  There is a 40% chance of rain later in the day so time will tell.

From the front

Northeast looking Southwest

From the curb looking Southwest

When one water access point is not enough

Looking West

Morning room

Looking Northwest

Garage area

Gravel around the morning room

Looking Southeast

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Go with the flow

No slab pour today because it rained here somewhat.  After so many nice days it is to be expected.  We did get the sewer pipe that runs to the street put in though.

Drops down into the abyss

Monday, May 28, 2012

Reaching for higher places

I saw enough posts of the attic ladders that others are getting (Stuart) and went looking for one that would work in my tiny attic opening.  I found this ladder from Werner that looks like it might work.  A poster DrDad has a good writeup in the Home Depot comments and mentions that the framing at the top may need to be made more robust for the install.  That may be something that I ask the workers to strengthen while they are working on it.

On a progress note, it looks like I may get the slab poured tomorrow based on the building permit.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When plumbers rock!

I went out to run some errands today and I stopped the site just to loiter around a little.  To my welcome surprise the plumber showed up within 3-5 minutes that I arrived.  What great timing is that! 

The plumber/inspector seemed knowledgeable and was friendly.  We walked through the house layout and discussed how the piping would work.  He did the "step on" test to confirm that the pipes had a good base where they would not bow or sag causing water (or other) to pool in the pipes (they were solid).  The plumber also mentioned that it was good that they used chip and dust gravel instead of pea gravel since it compacts better and interlocks into place.  Pea gravel apparently will allow the pipes to move over time which is obviously a bad thing!  He also checked the fall of the pipes as well with his level.

All in all the plumber thought that the people who put the pipes in did a good job.  After we were done I asked him how he would like me to pay for his services.  Before he answered that he asked if I would like a write up of the inspection and I told him that I did not think it was needed since everything looked sound and in place.  So what did this awesome guy say then... no charge for the inspection!  Wow, I was surprised!  What a cool guy to take his time and share his expertise.  I will definitely use him in the future for any plumbing needs!

More overhead pictures of the pipes below:

Full bath rough-in

Better view from above

Far left drain from above

Friday, May 25, 2012

From the vapor it rises

Progress in the form of the vapor barrier today.  I spoke with the plumber who was supposedly going to come out and inspect the pipes today to confirm that this was still the plan.  I did not hear back from either the plumber or PM so not sure what the status of that is.  Emailed PM to see if they made contact today, so we shall see.

The front picture

Garage filled in with the vapor barrier over top

Basement with the vapor barrier

Not a Red Bull but likely something caffeinated that was left in the ditch.  It looks like I am drinking one from the looks of the shadow!

Basement from the other side

Southeast looking Northwest

Northeast looking Southwest

I want this kind of CAT.

The family and I went to Target and I geeked out for a while looking at the electrical fun.  If you adverse to this please feel free to end further reading progress and proceed to roll eyes  :-)

This has a light sensor and will turn off after a random period of time if you would like too (will stay on for at least 2 hours).

Really GE?  You cost more and there is no random fun?  Pffff....

Could do a motion sensor in the actual light switch but this is a nice alternative if you wanted to have a specific fixture or area motion controlled.