Saturday, May 12, 2012

Door Reinforcement

Ran across this "StrikeMaster II Pro" during my web travels today which reinforces doors so that they are tougher to kick in.  The video in the link below I think is worth watching.  It is pretty compelling to see two blokes kicking away at a door repeatedly and it not budging with the StrikeMaster installed, then to see it cave in with a couple of kicks from a single person.  At the least of it there is some mild entertainment seeing these guys put foot to door. 

Anyone have a spare door I can try this on for when I have a bad day?

Where it can be bought:


  1. Good find, Ive previously tripped across this stuff at too they have products for sliding doors as well which can be lifted right out of the track, most of us have these in the morning room.

  2. that rocks. I have put it on my list of shit I want!

  3. I'm with Sgt. Rich, this is going on my "Get me busy" list.