Friday, May 18, 2012

Dual Heat Means Full Size of Each One

Got a hold of the contractor who will be putting in the HVAC and he confirmed that both the gas furnace and heat pump are full size when you have the "dual heat" option.   So that is good news since I was not 100% sure if the gas furnace would be sized down because of the heat pump.

The following site link provides a good walk through of a dual heat or dual fuel system.

It looks like I will get the foundation walls on Monday since there was no progress today.

There is the lot again with the "speed" van in the background since I had the kids in tow.

The vandalism has spread to our neighborhood though this looks to be planned by the owner (I hope!)  At least it looks better IMO than the hack job CMM has been dealing with (glad they fixed it for you). 

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