Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extra Garage Door Insulation

Here is a good blog link that shows how to put in extra insulation (R-8 value) on the garage door.  It looks relatively simple and makes the inside of the garage look nicer from what I can tell.  Definitely something to put on the list!


  1. I was just telling DH about that as we were standing in our new garage last weekend. Definitely something to consider.

  2. I'm putting that one on my list. Thanks.

  3. while I added the insulation to the garage "cold" walls, I don't think I will mess with this. There is a fair gap between the door and the wall that let's plenty of hot/cold air in with the door closed.
    I think it depends on what you plan to do with your garage. If you plan to work in the garage for any length of time, then I can see how anything and everything counts. But if you time in the garage amounts to walking from the car to the inside, don't waste your money or time.
    again, just my opinionated, yammering .02

    1. I appreciate the opinions! It is a good point and I will have to weigh whether or not I want to do it really once things are all in place.