Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little bit of luck

Thought I would share with my fellow home builders what I found today.  Even if you do not believe in "luck" it is a pretty unique thing to find.

Update 05/07/12:
I found this older picture that I took with 2 four leaf clovers in the same shot (on the left and right edges).  I will say one of my most excellent finds :-)


  1. Im sure we all need it. Shoot me your email and I can send you a few useful things...

  2. This is crazy because I had a bunch of students out in a field learning about plants just a day before you posted this. I told them they would get extra points if they find one and many of them doubted that they even existed. I will have to show them this picture now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I saw your post here and thought I would update it with the two in one picture! Is that worth extra points?