Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shower Faucet Update

I posted earlier about wanting to change my faucet for the shower because I prefer the ones that turn off and on by lifting up on the handle rather than turning it:

When I requested the change the Ryan corporate office denied the request:

I wrote them back and said for the amount of money that I am paying to upgrade the shower I should be able to upgrade the faucet!

Well, I got word back that now it looks like I can get the faucet changed, huzzah!

It seems they thought that I was going to put it in (hears wife laughing in the background).  With my follow-up email that cleared it up along with the concise points that it should be warrantied since it is from the same manufacturer (Moen), has a lifetime warranty, and has the same pipe connections. 

Of course it will cost $140 more because the faucet is more expensive, but every time I take a shower I will not have to get a blast of cold water, so to me it is worth it!