Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slab'ing it down

PM called this morning to let me know that the slab was going to be poured today.  I stopped by after work and there it was all nice and smooth like.  PM also said that the framing was on track to start next week, woot!

Video of the perimeter of the house and some views of the lot.

The front

Garage  **imagines possible future epoxy coating applications**

Front of basement #1

Front of basement #2

Right side of basement

Egress window

Morning room

Basement window

Left side storage room from back of the house

Looking Northwest

Found a lot marker in the back right (southwest) and it matches with the curb marking

Looking northeast


  1. Who ever thunk concrete would be so exciting lol "woot"

    1. I know, it makes it all the more interesting when it is yours :-)