Monday, May 7, 2012

Walls all lined up?

I came across this blog entry from another person and thought it was interesting enough to post again here.  The gist is that the inspector that they hired found that a load bearing wall on the upper floor was not lined up with the load bearing wall in the basement!  The fantastic thing is that it passed official inspection (not overly surprised).  Not that every build will be like this but it sure is something to keep in mind and keep an eye our for!


  1. Good catch, and thanks for giving all of us the heads up.

  2. I also previously ran across this blog, and it concerned me. I asked my PM about that happening at our pre-cons meeting. He said he personally has never seen it, so lets keep our fingers crossed that trend continues. I will def be looking for it at the pre-drywall meeting. From what i understand fomr reading the blog, it was an issue with the blueprint, and not just some inept contractor(although it wouldnt suprise me if it was).