Saturday, May 26, 2012

When plumbers rock!

I went out to run some errands today and I stopped the site just to loiter around a little.  To my welcome surprise the plumber showed up within 3-5 minutes that I arrived.  What great timing is that! 

The plumber/inspector seemed knowledgeable and was friendly.  We walked through the house layout and discussed how the piping would work.  He did the "step on" test to confirm that the pipes had a good base where they would not bow or sag causing water (or other) to pool in the pipes (they were solid).  The plumber also mentioned that it was good that they used chip and dust gravel instead of pea gravel since it compacts better and interlocks into place.  Pea gravel apparently will allow the pipes to move over time which is obviously a bad thing!  He also checked the fall of the pipes as well with his level.

All in all the plumber thought that the people who put the pipes in did a good job.  After we were done I asked him how he would like me to pay for his services.  Before he answered that he asked if I would like a write up of the inspection and I told him that I did not think it was needed since everything looked sound and in place.  So what did this awesome guy say then... no charge for the inspection!  Wow, I was surprised!  What a cool guy to take his time and share his expertise.  I will definitely use him in the future for any plumbing needs!

More overhead pictures of the pipes below:

Full bath rough-in

Better view from above

Far left drain from above

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