Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anyone seen my lumber?

Took my grandfather by the site today for the first time and hoping maybe the lumber had arrived.  No dice though.  We did however get to see couple of Bobcats (small bulldozers) dance and weave working on the grading more.  I was looking around online to see where the frame is actually prefabricated to just get some more info, but my Google-foo has failed me.  Maybe I will ask the SR more about that.

I also updated the links page to include how to pull up credit reports and get a free one from


  1. I also tried to get an idea where the framing is built, but to no avail. I seem to recall hearing from our SR that it was somewhere in PA...I think.

  2. Ours is put together in Dayton OH per our PM. That's only an hr and a half north, so not to far away. Hopefully you get your lumber soon!!

    1. Hmm... that is where I am at! Should have been here sooner! :-)