Friday, June 15, 2012

Enough pictures to fill a two story house!

Well maybe not all of a two story house, but if you are averse to pictures, return from whence ye came!

Um the front, duh
More front


Front closeup, not sure what my objective was here o.0

Far way

Farther way

Garage again...geez come on, who is taking these pictures?

Garage looking into the house

Fantastic ceiling shots (bathroom)

Yep, ceiling (study)

Are you surprised yet? (family room)

I fell down so I decided to make the best of it and take a picture

Got the courage back and started up again
Got scared again at this point and almost retreated.  Ladies and gents, I don't think caulk is going to solve this.  I am sure it will get fixed though.

Well look at that hallway!  I wonder if it will get light fixtures every foot like Stuart?

Bedroom #4

Bedroom #3

Hallway restroom

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #2 looking at #3

Bedroom #2 looking toward the Master

Laundry room


Master again

Master and me burning my retinas
Wall in the master that will be under the garage roof

Master looking at the morning room

Couldn't help but take a picture of the vast unused space between bedroom #2 and #3.  There will be a closet in part and some HVAC in the other but I am interested to see how much of that will actually be used up.

Will take my time going down

One last shot showing that I made it down, whew!
I haven't seen CMM's pictures yet so I must assume I am winning the framing race :-D


  1. Love the fallen down stairwell shot :-)

    1. Ha, thanks :-) I try to take some different angle shots here and there.

  2. I'm waiting for phrases such as "Seriously?," "Really?" or the ever popular "What were they thinking!"

    1. My first impression was "hmmm, that is interesting" since it seems pretty clear that will not work in the long run. I will just point it out as something that will need to be fixed.

  3. Uh oh.l.l you're ahead of me! I was supposed to get second floor walls today but didn't! Hopefully I will catch up to you this weekend!

    Did you really fall down the stairs?!?

    1. Nooo, I did not fall :-) Was just joking there. It just turned out to be a good story line when I was looking at the pictures.

      I do not know if they are working here this weekend or not (I doubt it) so you might pull ahead.

  4. That's amazing how fast they can get the homes framed!

    1. No doubt, Pepsi and sweet tea fueled fervor!

  5. Again...cracking me up. I do not look forward to when your house is built because what will make me laugh then? Congrats on the progress! I love your sense of humor!

    1. Who knows maybe I will post funny pictures of me trying to actually implement these whacky ideas/products that I have in mind after the house is built :-)

  6. Looks awesome! DId you really need a disclaimer, though? Which one of us doesn't like to see a zillion photos! Keep them coming!

    1. It sounds like a challenge then to upload enough photos to make WJ and CMM say, "Stop with the photos already!"