Sunday, June 24, 2012

Genie in the disposal

As expected the crew is off this weekend and so I will do my usual post here about a product that I have run across or have seen on a show that caught my eye. 

This particular one, the Disposal Genie, I saw on Ask This Old House and looks to be simple but effective in keeping things from inadvertently going down the sink like utensils.  For the hazard prone it will also help keep hands (other appendages?) out too!  The Genie has a food scraper there too which may or may not come in handy, I am undecided on that one.

For those who want some flair the Disposal Genie also comes in red, blue, and green.
Red -

Blue -

Green -


  1. Would you be referring to the woman who threw her husband's appendage down the disposal? If so, she would have found a way to get it down there!

    1. **shudders** Nooo, I was thinking more like a foot if that would even be possible, like some kid climbing on the counters. Now I am going to have nightmares because there is no getting back to normal after that!

  2. We have this and it is great!

  3. Very cool idea! I can't tell you how many time's I've gone to grab a spoon just to see it's all chopped up from a fall down into the garbage disposal. This great little gadget will save a lot of bloody lips.

  4. Cool idea! We haven't had a disposal in about 5years so I'm predicting things are going to fall in there accidently. We might need to get one of these!