Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Night Watch

I was not sure if there would be progress today (Saturday) but lo and behold those guys were out there working away when we rolled up to the house, huzzah!  So with the house looking more like a house I decided to start monitoring the property to make sure that there were no hooligans afoot causing havoc.

This is me in my "watch" mode watching for any nefarious activity.
I was cooking my frozen burrito in the microwave (you see it there?) when I heard some sounds outside.  This is my "What's that sound?" look.
"Best not be coming in here!  These stairs and tasty burrito are mine!"  I am not sure if people would be scared off by a dude in a yellow polo though.  Intruder, "Yo man, he's wearing a yellow polo, watch out!"

Putting in some rafters over the garage

Yes, a quarter of my house is rafters, all smoke and mirrors :-)

So I see this picture of the crane and it makes me think of some fanged creature attacking my house with ominous clouds looming in the background.

The usual front picture of the house


Damage caused by the fanged creature!

Fanged creature damage #2

Maybe the creature smelled food in the microwave, that or it wanted a Pepsi!

That's a lot of triangles! (rafters/gable over bedroom #2 and #3)

Talk about triangles! (center house gable)

Can't get enough of them! (rafters looking from bedroom #2)

Okay, enough of the friggen triangles cameraman! (rafters above bedroom #2)

Looking at the morning room storage shed
Looking out from the hall bathroom

I took this one of the warped stud in the center of the pic.  I was too lazy though to orient the picture vertically after I uploaded it.  I mean come on Google can we get some more advanced picture editing tools here?

Thought I would grab this picture of the manufacturing info.

Ever so unsure of myself I had to take another picture of another beam with the same thing.  Way to be OCD!

Yeah orientation issue here again.  This is the morning room trusting itself into the master bedroom.

Yet again more rafter/gable shots (master bedroom)

Hallway shot from the master bedroom.

Someone making me some shelves here?

A fine dumpster/window/door pic

If one was not enough

Fanged creature chowing on some ladders and air hose reel. (garage rafters)

Garage wall

I was fascinated by the foam in between the studs above the window (yes, easily amused I am)

Holy caulk man!  It is in close proximity to the top of the stairs so I should not be surprised right?
The caulk does not go all the way though though, hmm

It looks level to me (not staged)

Nope, not going down there yet

Someone see any beavers running around here?  Maybe I can at least get them to guard the place while I am gone.

Okay seriously man, your triangles and rafters are getting old! (garage)

In house storage shed (morning room)
It was getting darker so I decided to vacate the scene and let the beavers take over the guard duty (east side of the house).

Southeast looking northwest

Hopefully some will enjoy my goofing around here.  I felt a little pressure after the last posts to keep up the humor(?)!  :-)


  1. enjoyed the post!! nice pics! I am sure you'll enjoy the quick progress on the house the next 2 weeks!! After our framing was completed, we saw the complete structure of our house from the outside in no time!!

    1. Thanks! I am excited to see the progress coming up next for sure!

  2. You definitely want to camp out when they pour concrete and make sure no hand prints show up :) I cringed waiting for mine to dry...

    1. I will have find a scarier shirt then for sure!

  3. How exciting! You're right to check up on the house for hooligans. Our neighbors house had three broken windows where kids had thrown rocks and broken the windows. I plan on checking up on my house every day. :)

    1. Good gravy! Someone needs to start-up a posse in your neighborhood to track down these individuals!

  4. You will see them come back in to address warped studs. They cut a slit in the stud where it bows and then attach another block to it. My inspector called it sister-blocking. I had a bunch I didn't even spot. One thing I can confirm is they will go to great lengths to patch something up rather than replace. Nails, caulk, duct tape, whatever it takes.

    1. Thanks for the info. I will have to keep an eye on those things.

  5. Thomas, you are hysterical!!! I love the passion you have for your house building!!!! Lol too funny btw your house is looking great!!

  6. I enjoyed this post! I am unbelievably jealous though....

    1. I think tomorrow they will be all on it and getting stuff done. It looks like a low chance of rain!

  7. Love it - too too funny. So, with all those huge rafters above the garage, anyway to access that space? Secret storage?

    1. The original plans called for the attic access panel to be installed in the master bedroom, but the access point will now be in the ceiling of the garage. If we ever did put anything in there of any substantial mass the joists/rafters would have to be strengthened though. It could be possible to put a door in the master bedroom later to easily access that area.

  8. LOL you are funny! I have never seen a microwave on a construction site! Our just went on. You are catching up to us!

  9. LOL thats funny...but on a serious note the house is coming along very quickly

  10. Thanks for indulging my humor everyone :-)

  11. Too freaking' funny. And, um, didn't you like, just get the foundation poured? heh

    1. Yeah! I think it was still wet when they started putting up the framing! (just kidding of course!)