Monday, June 18, 2012

OSB for my OCD

The framers got the OSB (plywood sheets) up for the roof today and did more work inside.  That will really help keep me dry during my vigil at night!

Yeah, I seem to have missed the usual front picture.  Cameraman FAIL.
Hello garage rafters and vent opening

Can't just have one garage of course, so here is some more garage rafters

The indoor shed has a roof now (morning room)

Here I am looking toward the family room and the shed, too bad I did not look where I was going... Hi floor

That will be my future corner hole (study) which is definitely an upgrade from my last hole (unfinished basement in the old house)

Rafters/gable from bedroom #3

Okay, I am going to geek out here a little bit and say that this line of light reminds me of something from Tron (rafters above hallway)

I have been waiting for this!  **drum roll**  THE TRIANGLE APPEARS!

Escape hatch (garage attic access)

A STUD by a different name

Yeah, those are vents.  Whoohoo!  (hall bathroom)

I finally figured out what those boxes were in the back yard with the white wood trim.  They were for the porch!

I know there is some unused space in there!

Your stay away from the house fanged beast!  Look it already tore into the house!

Braved the basement today.  These are interesting because I could not see anything but that dainty little flash was powerful enough and the Nikon camera is very good at low light. (full bath rough-in)

I could be on one of those ghost hunting shows (storage room)

Anyone there? (morning room)

Sure why only have one morning room pic

Storage area where most of the utilities/HVAC will be

Checking for lurkers under the stairs

Hi sump pump

More porch but as you guessed it, from outside

There is white trim on my house already.  I am really far ahead! :-)
This is from one of my Reagan Smash moves.  Impressive, I know

In case you do not know what I am talking about, here is a short video:


Other side of the hole.  I was throwing some low blows there.  I see the corner is loose now too from the smashing! (living room)

I don't have 40 some windows but I have some there.  Computer people like the Morlocks don't need much light anyways.  If you don't know what a Morlock is that Google thing knows and will tell you.

There is the Morlock, er my hole (study)

Basement window water proofing patch, check

Ventilation holes patched, check (can you see them?)

Ventilation hole patch.  I thought they were going to put up some more OSB but that be real wood there folks! (center, middle top in the 1/2 bath on first floor)


  1. Love the captions... some of those pics of the basement remind me of the Blair Witch Project.

    1. Yeah, that is what I was thinking too when I was down there! I better not find a stick figure!

  2. Looking good Thomas! Also love the captions.

  3. Awesome! And Tron! Tangent: I LOVED Tron as a kid. A few years ago I rented it and rewatched. Wow. Some things are better as memories ;)

    1. "no no no no yes yes yes yes"
      - Bit

      The first movie still has some good stuff in it. I like the new one as well including the music.

  4. Great pics! I am too scared to go down to the basement...looks so dark and spooky!!

    1. Definitely weird looking at the pictures after the fact because I really could not see much of anything at the time.

  5. Love the angle of the shots and captions!

  6. Great pics and fantastic captions!

  7. I have some of that white trim stuff laying in our yard too. We aren't getting a porch though, so I have no idea what they're for.

    Your captions are hilarious!

    1. I saw them hauling some additional trim pieces today, now I am not sure where those are going...

  8. It's moving along so quickly. Look's great!

  9. All these framing pictures are making me anxious. I so want to see a giant hole in my lot!

    I love the captions as well. Thanks for the smiles.

  10. Thanks for all the feedback and responses everyone :-)