Sunday, June 17, 2012

Piping hot

The framers decided to chill out today so there is nothing to report on the home progress.  So guess what that means for today's post, you guessed it, more of the unusual stuff from Thomas.

So lets talk about water pipe insulation!  Everyone hold your cheers and woots for the blog excitement forthcoming!

I have been mulling this pipe insulation over for a while since I seem to have some fascination with insulation in general (weird? I don't think so).  Of course I was looking at insulating the hot water tank earlier and I later got on the tangent of water pipe insulation because why just stop a the tank! 

Reference from the U.S. Department of Energy:

In my searching for water pipe insulation also I ran across this web page where the author wrote a very in-depth article about pipe insulation (warning it is fairly detailed!)
Long story short they were insulating their PVC pipes with R-4 foam tubing from Frost King. 

I will be at least insulating the first 3 feet of piping from the water tank (keeping 6" from the flue though) with the Frost King brand and likely more piping beyond that.  Just seems to make sense IMO to try and reduce that energy waste.

The lowest reputable price that I found was this vendor at $3.62 (06-17-2012)


  1. Thomas, this is some great stuff! I just don't know how to do any of this stuff! Ugghh! I am intrigued and inspired to learn. Currently, I am a interior designer. Now I am turning into a construction/home maintenance manager. lol ***geeked out now about all this stuff I am learning**** lol

  2. the pipe wrap is super simple. you just cut with a knife to desire length and slip on to the pipe. Some have an adhesive strip that let's you "seal" it up. Very easy and will help with the long runs of hot water pipe with previously heated water.

  3. Yeah should be easy to put on. This particular kind of insulation however requires good quality tape to close it up, but that is not a big deal either really.

  4. Ok, guys that sounds simple enough! Thanks!