Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taking up the slack

The electrical looks to be pretty much in and all that extra wire and slack has been neatly tucked away (mostly anyway).  The PM told me that the framers will be back tomorrow to work on some of the issues.

My face wanted to melt off every time I walked outside today since it was blazing out, so I brought over some sweet tea.  Hopefully few people got to drink some and not just some dude hiding in the basement corner trying to chug all 18 bottles down.

Pfffff you have one pizza oven...  I have 6 alone in front of my house.  You mad?
Those yellow things are beaver traps (kitchen)

Yeap, some fascinating writing on these pipes

Me sneaking up on the "Defender" water heater.  It is not protecting things very well and it was easy prey.
Are you staring at me? : |

That soffit is going to be filled with danger.  Gas, electrical, water, beavers(?)

The storage area where we will try to hide the things we don't use but can't throw away
Morning room support beam

I am really surprised that this is all there is to the water pipe coming into the house.  The gas pipe is simple too and is up at the top right corner of the picture.  My last house had some metal pipe and valve business that was not as clean as this.  This should be much easier to wall up (if we ever throw some stuff away in the storage area!)

The furnace has decided to jut its way into the living space

This is a different light placement from what I remember for the light going down to the basement.  I was thinking that this was in the center of the stairs.  This could work too, just different than what I thought it would be

Foyer light and smoke detector junction box


  1. Here's a tip for you, learn from my pain and suffering....When they pour your driveway, lay down in front of it for at least 36 hours. One of the trucks parked on mine barely 24 hours later. The tire tracks will now be memorialized on my driveway for eternity.

    1. I am going to have to get my tent setup out there! Tire tracks in the driveway suck! :-(

      Was that from the movers or someone else?

  2. This is on the new house. RiteRug parked their truck on the driveway literally the NEXT morning after pouring. I don't know who moved the wooden barrier. I didn't even realize it till today when I was just sorta looking down on the driveway. The PM said he would consider replacing that section but that would result most likely in a mismatch color due to the variation in mixing and possibly an additional seam. So I am keeping it.

  3. We had caution tape across our driveway until we moved in. As for the light down to the basement, that is exactly how ours is, on the side wall. While I thought it looked silly at first, it's actually very handy for moving furniture down to the basement. No light fixture to worry about hitting!

  4. Wow, everything is moving along nicely. You stopped by to hand out tea while they were working? No work that day for you?

  5. You could have a major pre-brick pizza party!

  6. same here with the basement light. Works just fine.