Monday, June 25, 2012

Through bend of metal does light come afar

The amazing things that find us when we least expect it.  Take ordinary ventilation pipes and watch them shape and turn light like this below.  Maybe it doesn't take much to please me, but to see this in a darkened basement is beauty in form.  Something about the light shooting out of the longer tube and bursting out of the shorter one seems inspiring.

Tube openings on the outside

Clear blue sky, strong Sun, long shadows, and a reflective house to capture it

The HVAC has found it's home

International Comfort Products.  Must be pretty comfortable if it is international!

Guts of the beast exposed!

95.5 out of 96.6 efficiency rating for the furnace.  WHOA!!?  Seriously!?  I mean I knew it was going to be good but I honestly have to say that I did not think it was going to be this good.
Furnace to the left and the duct work down in the basement

Other angle of the same

And another angle

Sweet mercy man, we saw the ductwork already!

The water line is poking through into the storage area

Yes, it is another picture of the furnace
Poking it's head up to the first floor (family room looking towards the living room)

Other side (living room looking towards the family room)

Ductwork coming up to the second floor (hallway looking towards bedroom #2 and #3)

Yeah, that space to the left of the ducts, wasted space.  Apparently this space is reserved in the Ravenna if you build down south and have your HVAC on the second floor.  Alas, they do not modify the plan and that space is just walled in.  Consider it a reclaiming project later on.  I am going to lose some sleep on this though!

Bedroom #3

Yep, looks like the same same amount of space (bedroom #3)

The attic access was mistakenly put into bedroom #2.  Not a big deal to correct it and put it in the laundry room.  PM is on it!

Looking at the dryer duct there in the laundry room.  Now I didn't get it raised 3' like others had done and it may be possible that there may be some choice words when I put the vent on, but I think that this looks like it is a pretty decent height.  Also it is over to the left so it should be easier to hook up.  I will sleep on it and take a look at it again tomorrow.
Hallway upstairs

Building a fort to protect the house

TUF stuff

A couple of vents for the shed (morning room)

Air inlet for the HVAC
I had them put the sump pump in the area with the HVAC so that it could be walled off easier later.  Unfortunately they had to dig across the property to tie the sump into the water drain.  Note to self, do not put a tree or bush near the curb!

Digging the holes for some utilites

Um, its a hole (electrical)

Again, note to self, don't dig here (electrical)

So there is no doubt where the electrical is.  I would rather not be a crispy critter.

Water line to the house.  Less lethal if you cut it versus the previous, but it would still be a very bad day.

Hi water line


  1. We also did not get the dryer vent raised and I don't recall hearing any choice words as my dad hooked up my washer and dryer, so it couldn't have been too bad. I do recall, however, that the layout is a bit different in the Ravenna laundry vs. the Verona. Hopefully it won't be too much of a pain. It's nice that you got to choose your sump location. We were told where the utilities come into the house and that's where everything would be. Fortunately, it's with the furnace and hot water tank in the unfinished portion of the basement for us too.

  2. Awesome idea on the laundry room attic access! I never questioned the dryer duct placement either, but the height is good enough actually compared to my current home where it's awful close to the floor.

  3. That is really cool! I thought you were shining a flashlight through the pipes.

  4. I thought it was a flashlight at first too. House is coming along great!