Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When one house visit is just not enough

My OCD is in high gear and I am now making 2 trips a day over to the house.  Here are a "few" pictures...

There be some roof activity there!

Portal has been installed (garage entry door)
It may seem like boring information about a door but your are still going see it here from me

Please connect point A to point B when time allows

Picture from my future isolation zone, the study/bathroom area

It is friggen bright out there! (study from the bathroom)

People have to wonder about me taking pictures of boxes and stuff laying around

The shed is all cleaned up! (morning room)

I am thinking all bean bag chairs for the family room ;-) (family room)

I am pretty curious about this guy just sitting here.  It is one thing to have and extra window, but it looks like this window was installed and then yanked out.  **perplexed**

The hallway shower/bath is about to lose its roaming freedom and be locked away

I feel like maybe I should say something that this should be taped over because I get the feeling that the shower might just get shoved back in there :-\

Another view of the shower lock down area

I think I am doing some sign language here.  Is that a 'C'?

"Yeap, that foil stuff is super strong, just lay that box there" (master bath shower)

Yeah, couldn't go without taking a picture

Going to ask for maybe a few extra nails or screws for the banister.  What do you think?

Pretty much all framed up in the basement

Egress window that I am sure the kids will try to use at some point or another

Future junk room ahead?

Future bathroom area whenever I get off my duff to complete it (basement full rough-in)

No lurkers under the stairs

Back flow valve.  Definitely something you never want to ever need.

Seriously.... you just took this same picture man!

I am no master craftsman, but I am guessing that top left piece is not nailed down.  No worries I think they will fix that.

No..... Thank You!

Second visit in the evening and the main garage door was on

Another picture of the window information, without me trying to do hand signs.

I am not exactly sure what this metal brace is for.  There is a wire cable going up that must be secured some where.  Maybe it is an anchor for the roofers?

Water heater
Water heater info

Garage door info

I like this because it is the long single panels rather than having 4 sections to one row

I guess I thought it would be interesting to take a picture of the underside of the upper stairs

And here is the top part

I like that they are using these green plastic tabs to help hold down the roofing surface

The truss ties, seems like they should hold up okay

Attic access in the wrong locale in bedroom #2 though.  It was agreed that this would be located in the laundry room but likely the workers were following the standard plan and missed this.  Will have to follow-up on this.

The HVAC is only going to use the right 2/3 of the space in the center of this pic, leaving the other 1/3 up for some potential use.  Will have to think about what to do here.

And there is the door.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. As always, I enjoyed the commentary! Everything's moving along nicely. As for the upstairs storage area, right now ours is holding extra blankets and comforters (love the Space Bag storage totes) and is a holding ground for clothes to be passed from child #1 to child #3. Much less of a pain than dragging them to the basement. I'm not sure what else we'll end up with in that space.

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    1. Sorry, I hit the wrong button and there is not an undo... visit Michael at

      To answer your question you should always ask your SR or PM if you can get in with them :-)

  3. Great pics and commentary, as always. Although that basement freaks me out a little. Still scared of the dark, I suppose. ;)

  4. I was lost after "Roof Activity".. I really could use a burrito though and pictures of those?

    Great post, I remember taking so many pictures but loading all of them takes.. well.. I get distracted easily! Keep em coming

  5. As a sign language interpreter, that IS the letter "C". :)
    LOVE all the pics-and your basement pictures helped me out with some questions I had for our PM..check out my blog later today and comment at will. I need input.
    I love all the pics of the boxes, it's inspired me to do the same with our build. Better safe than sorry in the future.

  6. Wow, everything is coming along nicely.

  7. Thomas don't let anyone tell u different...OCD makes the world go 'round!!!!

  8. They installed your garage door already?!?! Everything looks great!

  9. I feel ya on the twice a day habit. For me it's a blessing and bad habit being so close to our new home. There are days I drive by at lunch, then stop by on my way home from work, and then again after dinner with the kids! Matter of fact, I gotta go now to see if they started the drywall lol!