Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wired Up!

Someone was slinging power cable around like beast today in the house!  I swear there must be enough copper wire to make a new transoceanic line.  I imagine someone rolling up in a truck with a big spindle of cable on the back and someone yelling "PULL!" to string it all up.

Oh geez, what wire goes where again?! (foyer/living room)

I said give me some slack!  This is clearly not enough line! (foyer)

More BS studs....going to have to watch those! (foyer)

Note to self, dining room entry cannot be widened further without some serious pipe routing!

Even got the refrigerator water hookup plumbed in.  They also got the elbows all picked up from the morning room in the distance (not a small feat!)

The starboard thruster gauges (kitchen sink piping)

The wall is yacking wires and has had enough (kitchen sink switches)

They has mistakenly put the attic entry in bedroom #2 and I was wondering how they were going to fit this in the laundry room since the pipe had already been laid.  Well this answers my question.  I can only imagine the reaction when the PM asked this person to reroute the vent pipe.  Choice words I am sure!  Thanks to the PM for getting this one done for me!

Ceiling of power cables (upstairs hallway)

Upstairs hallway

That vent fan is going to need lots of power, but then it is the quietest fan ever so maybe it does not need that much!

Bedroom #4

Better be "defending" my wallet from my gas bill!  I am counting on you water tank!

Pretty reasonable efficiency here on the water heater (less is better in this case)

The whole rig as it stands now

This is the clean out but I am not sure what that cable is, interesting


  1. Yep!!! Wired UP, indeed! My favorites--the yacking wires! lol

    1. My wife thought that was juvenile but I posted it anyway ;-)

  2. That looks like a cable tv wire in your clean out! I love the "BS" studs! My bad studs only had a rating of "B"!

    1. I wonder what kind of cable channels that wire picks up? The crappy ones? :-D