Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long time no post!

Ah, nothing like coming back from pretty short vacation to a hot mess of work.  This week has been a been a mix of trying to fix work problems and documenting a much as possible over at the house in preparation for the drywall that went up Thursday.  Let me say again, all of it when up Thursday (one day) before early evening aside from them taping and putting mud on the seams.  So if your thinking that you are going to maybe still get some pictures in with them halfway through the process, don't count on it!

I would like to mention that my PM has been very cool about things and I really appreciate that.  It has been a big help to talk with him candidly about the work on the house.  Overall things have been going great and it seems like he keeps a good eye on the house.

Also decided to get the refrigerator purchase out of the way too.  Went more or less for the best bang for the buck.  It is a Frigidaire side-by-side with 26 cubic feet (FFHS2611LB) and got it for $809 not including taxes.  I thought it was a pretty good deal since they have free delivery too.  It may not be top of the line, but the money saved I can use for something else.|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=

The house changed quite a bit since I posted the last time.  They pretty much removed my brick forts of course so I am going to hoard the rest.
I was enjoying looking at the brick, but then I noticed this above the windows and garage and proceeded to go into bezerker mode.  My fears of the dreaded pink facade were seeming like they were coming to fruition.  I calmed down some before I emailed (and yes called the PM) and let him know that I thought something was "amiss".  The PM returned my email and said that he spoke with the brick mason and that the mason said that it was the brick dust from cutting making it look red/pink and that after cleaning they should match.  So I am going with that now and it seems like that is plausible since the texture of the brinks above the windows/garage look like they matches the other bricks.  Deep breaths!

Here is the small garage door.  Why I would not show you the big garage door first I am not sure, but you will have to take what you can get!

The simple family room here.  I don't have the fancy speaker installs/wires that other do but I bet I have more blocking! :-P

Master shower.  Yeah, that is it, no tub in the master bathroom.  After years of a barely used garden tub in our old house we went with this modification of a lager shower instead so we did not waste the space.  If there is a desire for a bath there is always the hall tub/shower that can be used.

Under the morning room in the basement.  Big decisions to either use a projector here or just get a big flat screen TV.

Campfire pit down in the basement for the night watch

There are a lot of ventilation points down in the basement.  I am not sure if it is overkill or not, but I have been assured that it is needed to meet code.

How do you know where your blocking is after the dry wall is up?  Use the outlets as a measurement point before the drywall goes up!

Crap, forgot to ask for blocking out here (foyer)
Oh wait, there is some already! Huzzah! Thanks pre-drywall pics!

Imagine a TV just right above that drywall seam.  One of these days maybe ;-)   (living room)

At least all the floor seams get another sealing with all the drywall plaster mud.  Looks inhabitable to me!  (family room)
Lots of wall space here since we did not get the balusters so that will be interesting what we put on the walls.  We also used to have a landing at the old place so I did not worry about a such a brutal fall in the middle of the night when letting out the dog.  Hello handrail!

The place where all miscellaneous objects will be placed (2nd floor hallway banister)

Bedroom #2 (southwest corner)

Master bedroom, also known as sanctuary
Yep, proof that I got blocking instead of an extra window in the morning room.  If I want a pretty view I will put up a monitor and show some sunrises ;-)

Just a random picture here of the pre-drywall

Definitely take pictures of your piping, nothing lasts or works forever
I have more pictures of course, but it would take another week to load them!  If someone wants something specific, just let me know!


  1. Welcome Back Thomas! I actually like the color of the brick--can't wait to see it washed down. BTW--the refrigerator price was a great deal! You did good!

  2. I like the fridge! And the price is awesome!! Great choice.

  3. I think yourbrick looks great! Our drywall started on the same day as yours!

  4. Looking good. I need to find a model of the Ravenna in my area! The pics I've seen looks like this is a very nice layout.

  5. thomas wb! ur captions are funny as all get up lol i'm glad to see them today. they have made a ton of progress!!

  6. Thomas-great to see an update! :) Love all the pics, and the drywall makes me think how close you are to closing on this house!

  7. One purchase down, 11,345 more to go!!

  8. Your home is looking great and I love the porch. After viewing all the different blogs, there are some things I wish we had done differently with our home. We would love to have a front porch. I can't believe that your drywall went up in just one day. That is awesome!!

  9. Thanks for the update...I missed reading your blog. Wow, your house is really coming along. When are you expected to go to closing?

  10. Great Blog! I am going to ask our PM about blocking! We didn't get those extra windows either, thinking privacy and wall space.

  11. I think we got the exact same fridge! Pretty soon your drywall will be up and you'll be getting painted and floors and cabinets and...!!!

  12. Ha ha. We looked at the fridge too. I'm still debating whether we want a side by side or one of those french door ones. Hmmmm....I like the price of the one your choose though. Everything looks pretty good! How exciting!

  13. You are really slacking on posting lately!! You get us used to daily post and then you just abandon us! I'm sure your home is so much further along! You close in less then two weeks! Give us an update already! :)

    1. I have a hunch Thomas is on vacation or something. I haven't seen him checking out the progress all week (I live across the street) and he was almost as bad as I was (daily stops).

      His house is looking good though :-) They were blowing in the insulation today when I got home for work -- if a 3rd party update will hold you over until Thomas gets back.

    2. Mike, Thanks for the 3rd party update!

    3. I wasn't sure if anyone would notice! Glad to see people are still interested ;-)

      I am lurking around here finally again.