Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Ravenna Crawl

Ravenna Speed has come to a crawl it seems.  I don't have a real excuse other than work has been taking me out to the shed in the back to work me over and then sending me back into the mines.  There is a whole mess of pictures on this post to try and catch up!  Seriously though, sorry for not keeping things up to date but hopefully things have toned down a little here on the work front.  Now I have to catch up on everyone else's blogs too!

On the financial side I was able to lock in at 3.5% on a conventional loan with a little bit towards closing.  I was thinking that I would wait until August to lock in but (A.)  I wanted to have enough time to work through any issues with NVR and (B.) I was not sure how much lower the rate would go and 3.5% is pretty awesome in my book.

There was a whole lot of bricks that I scavenged for safe keeping in the garage

I had a little help moving a few of the bricks from one of my new neighbors but the other 90-95% I moved myself.  What do you get when pythons meet guns?...  Thomas' arms    Um, yes, I am joking (a little) ;-)
A couple of weekends ago it rained and I ran over to the house because I thought that there might be a chance that some of the windows were open.  Sure enough someone forgot to close the morning room sliding glass door and so we got this nice puddle on the floor.  Oh yeah, that is drywall there!
What sucked more is that I found that there was a leak in the laundry room.  At first I though it was just rain coming down the center of the dryer vent, but when I looked more closely it was running down the outside of it!  UGH!
When the stuff is hitting the fan you have to improvise sometimes.  I found a shingle and a bucket at the house and jerry-rigged this for the laundry room.
That is some fine craftsmanship there on my part!

Yeah, this was on the other side of the all in the master bedroom closet.  See the little puddle there?  I could hear the water dripping down on the ceiling above.  The dark spot on the wall is just from my camera and was not due to any water.

Here is an action shot of the water coming down the outside of the dryer vent stack.  All in all things got fixed but I would highly recommend that people go to their house if they have the opportunity while it is raining during the build process so that you limit your chances of having an issue while you have all your things moved into the house.

Basement egress open with some damp drywall

The study with some water, hello finger

Family room before painting

The kitchen.  That is the fan that we will be using the dry dishes and our hands, it is pretty boss.

Dining room with a view of the red car that I am sure the neighbors are used to by now since some weirdo is hanging around the house all the time.


I just did a fancy spin here and took a picture of the other side of the foyer and the living room.

The basement fire pit was removed but I suppose it is for the best

I can't help but think about all the wires running around in that soffit

My furnace is powered by Coke

So here is something interesting.  These pipes that I commented on before will not be attached to anything.  The word is that they will be used as ventilation and will have flaps on the outside.  I am not sure how this is going to work let alone be efficient.  I have been assured that it is something with code but I am not totally convinced.  It seems to me that someone was thinking that something like the water heater or furnace was going there but instead learned it was going somewhere else.  Anyone else have this?

This is the overflow drain for the clothes washer on the second floor.  It will run over to the floor drain eventually.  I am not so sure that I like the way they did this with it running along the floor under the stairs.  I doubt that I will be pushing things all the way back under the stairs but it seems like it creates a limitation and a chance for me to get upset later!
The other side of the laundry overflow drain pipe

Upstairs hallway

Bedroom #4

Not sure why I needed to take this shot, but this is bedroom #4's closet

The attic access from the laundry room

The laundry room in the dry state

I asked Iron Man to take this picture but of course the guy still managed to get his reflection.  You see him?  (hallway bathroom)

Hallway from  bedroom #2

Bedroom #2

Well here is the answer to where all those cinder blocks were going.  They go in the porch roof area!

Where bricks go when they suck.  (filler for the porch)

Outside of the family room

A peek of the shutters to come.  Someone like red!

Family room in its painted state

I don't have as many windows as sum they had to cram a lot of papers on there!  (morning room)

Dining room

Living room

Hallway bath cocoon

Master bedroom

Another shot of the painted family room with a little more light

Well what do you know, some goodies!

Here is the first picture of the kitchen with the cabinets and countertops in place.  Nothing overly fancy here but I like them and the fact that they are easy maintenance.  Maybe we will get stone tops later but for now I wanted to keep the cost out of the mortage.

I have a habit of standing around and eating my food in the kitchen so I am sure I will be here a lot
This door and the orientation it opens is going to be fixed, but I just have to ask what the logic is to want to have one of the end cabinet doors opening like this.  The only thing that I can figure is that the were thinking that they did not want a door opening into the entrance area, but if your in the kitchen it makes things pretty hard to get to if you have to reach over the door!

The only banisters that we have with spindles.  That is okay, just means less places for me to get my head stuck in.

I just imagine some Duke's of Hazard moves from the kids over this banister to get down stairs faster (upstairs hallway)
Action shot of the Duke's move

Upstairs hallway going to the master bedroom

NVR is everywhere!

Boss, "I just dumped a bunch of electrical crap on the floor for you to install"

Hmm, chipped stair step.  I will have to have them take a look at that one

There is the dishwasher which is one above standard

Product info of the dishwasher if anyone cares
There it is in its new home.  Best be washing my dishes ok!

I found this outside.  It seems like some animal bit the bucket and they decided to mark its final demise with a little marker flag.  (insulation from when the blew it into the attic/garage)

The little window for the basement storage area

Morning room bar for early morning drinking
We have power now!  My OCD was kicking in before and I was questioning if I should make labels for the electrician so that I did not get hieroglyphics to decrypt later when I needed to turn something off.  Thankfully the person who installed the switches did a pretty good job and the labels are clear.

Here is some lighting action in the foyer and the living room.  So if your confused by the light in the living room we had them move the chandelier from the dining room to the living room since we are going to make the dining room a play area for the kids.

The HVAC is no longer powered by Coke and is fully operational.  The lucky guys working inside now will be nice an cool (and nice and cool for me now too!)

1, 2

3 hallway lights

Light above the hallway shower/bath.  Helps keep the lurkers away.

We have the uppity kind of vanity light placement where the lights are oriented so that the CFL bulbs are not as easily seen.

No windows in the master bath (don't think I want to scare the neighbors anyway o.0) but it looks like there will be plenty of light.

There is the super fancy seat that I will moving stuff out of the way to sit on

There is the stain for the banister and stair railings

Need to ask for some more mortar/caulking around these pipes

Getting things all prepared for the sidewalk.  Its time to get some PVC pipes for subterranean placement!

If you care some more product phots

They should just write "White Paint" on this :-)

Where the sink will go in the first floor restroom

Another view of the first floor restroom

I told them to make this change to put the throne and the sink in my study instead

I am not sure if the throne is made for babies though!

The pedestal sink is also made for babies it seems

Here is the infamous kitchen faucet with the additional sprayer.  Well it seems that there is still a hole in the sink if we want to add something like a soap dispenser.

There is the oven and microwave in.  They are in for a hard life since we are not known for our appliance kindness.

There is some microwave info

The stove has an interesting feature that I did not know of where you can increase/decrease the diameter of one of the elements, interesting!

Yes, the house is COOL.  Thanks thermostat...

Upstairs hallway bath faucets in

Ah, yep during my routine inspections I found that they did not get the special faucet that I requested put in.  The PM is going to take care of this.

Master bath sinks

My real office o.0

If you are like us and did not get the full vanity for the upstairs hallway bathroom, I would suggest that you do not have them put on the toilet paper rolls.  Otherwise you will be reaching behind you or talking a walk to get some.  Worse yet your kids will be trying to do these things with bad consequences **shudders**.  We are going to get TP holders that sit on the floor in this case for now.

Air conditioning/heat pump info

I don't know the exact purpose here but it looks to be for the heat pump functionality

Here is the color of our siding which should be going up soon

A couple of shots from the floor in the living room #1


Bedroom #3

The hallway closet, which apparently I learned will not have shelving in it o.0

Bedroom #2

Laundry room with the vinyl flooring in

Master bedroom

Upstairs hallway

Bedroom #3

Basement under morning room

Basement main area

Storage area wall

Yeah, the orientation is off.  At this point with so many pictures I am not as inclined to change it at this point.  Come on Google make it so I can change the picture orientation for Pete's sake!  (study)

First floor restroom

Family room

Living room

Dining room

Basement stairs

Basement main area

Basement under the morning room

Storage area with the electrical panel including the water/gas

Barebones Guardian wiring

Full bath rough-in

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #2

Upstairs hallway bathroom

Upstairs hallway bathroom

Master bedroom

Master bath


  1. Glad to see you're still alive! I was getting worried!

    1. Still kicking, thanks for the concern :-)

  2. Thomas, I see from your pictures that you have railings at the bottom of your stairs but walls at the top. Was that a non-standard request? Our first SR said we couldn't do it, haven't asked our new one yet. The old SR did say that if it has been done it CAN be done, though... ;)

    1. Actually that is the standard configuration (at least in our sub-division). So would they just put walls at the bottom of your stairs for the standard?

    2. Apparently! They take up the same space but would be more of a visual impediment. I definitely want the walls at the top because I have two very active young boys. And I have distinct memories from my childhood of using the railing post to keep my momentum as I swung around from the hall to the stairs, and pulling the railing out of the wall! But it would be nice to have the railings at the bottom. Looks classier.

    3. I like the spindles for people who have had it done, but as you said with kids running around it seemed to be a little safer going with walls. I like the look of the walls too and there could be some things that we could do with them to decorate them, such as pictures and the like.

  3. You're alive! Welcome back! Totally awesome progress. Looks like things are coming right along. Congrats on the rate lock! I refinanced on my old house 3 or 4 years ago and was over the moon about 4.25%. I never thought they'd go below 4. Woot!

    1. Thanks! The rates these days are just crazy! It is good personally but then it is a little worrisome too in general for the state of the economic system. Someone better fix it!

  4. Welcome back! Everything looks great! Congrats on the rate too.

  5. Glad to see you back. House looks great!!!

  6. Yay... you're alive and kicking! The citizens of bloggerland were starting to get concerned! The house is really coming along. You jumped ahead of us on some things, but we are ahead on others. When are you closing? Our electricians surprised us and printed labels from the computer to place on the electric panel.

    1. We are closing on August 17th. I would have rather them print them out (I'm jealous) but they did a well enough job or I would have had them redo it. My old house the electrical panel was almost unintelligible and it was a pain guessing the exact breaker sometimes.

  7. First: How long did this post take you to do? Did you just throw on the pictures and narrate them in whatever order blogger put them up, or did you spend 17 aggravating hours moving the photos around once you uploaded them? Or have you broken the magic code? Give! Give!

    Then: Someone messed up with the cabinet door orientation. It should have been installed to open the other way.

    I agree that you need to keep a good eye on your home, especially on the weekends when nobody is working on it. We had a water leak from the master tub and it was getting on everything (even hardwoods) from the back door to the pantry!

    It's so neat to see how Ryan does things differently in different places. Our attic access is not in the laundry room. I wish it was. It's in the back bedroom by the hall bath. It's quite inconvenient.

    Our overflow from the laundry doesn't go through our Harry Potter bedroom (underneath the stairs) like yours does. That would have upset me. A lot.

    Smart move getting that chandelier moved to the parlor.

    1. I did a mass selection and then I let the posts upload during the night. Once there you can do drag and drop of the pictures or you can copy/cut/paste them once they are in the editor. It did take me a couple hours (okay may 3) to put all the comments on. I hate that Google does not have an orientation function though, as mentioned.

      The attic access upstairs normally does go in the one bedroom but I requested that they move it to the laundry room when we signed. To me it is logical because the laundry room is a "utility" area and the bedrooms should be separate from that and more aesthetically appealing.

      I would like to know how they ran your laundry overflow pipe so that I can ask my PM more about it. The PM and I did discuss it a little bit but I am still not fully satisfied with it. It seems like an afterthought by the people putting it in. If you have any pictures that would be awesome!