Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Update

Comments and updates are inline folks :-)

Porch is in

I put my treasure in before they poured.  Who am I kidding.... I have no more $$$ to put in there, Ryan has it!

The stuff dries fast ;-)  This was a next day shot.  I am thinking of maybe using some of the extra brick around the base of the door, but that may not hold up too well.

The stair treads that were damaged have been replaced

Hmm, the seal has been broken.  I did not see evidence though o.0
"DON'T USE, CAMERA IS ON"  Where is this video footage?!  I want to see who has been disregarding the tape!  

Master bath throne has been tampered with as well!

The unfinished walls now have the insane asylum padding, woot!

Hmm, so does this mean I will need to use tape every time I change the furnace filter?

The first floor bath mirror has been installed.  Looks good, but the cynical side of me wonders if this is just cheaper than putting up a larger square one :-)

This is me about to fall into the water meter hole

This is me falling in head first.  Yeah, I'm that quick with the camera but yet I cannot stop myself from falling in.  It is interesting though since I have never really seen inside of one of these before.

There is the start of the siding going up.  These people seem pretty cool when I talked with them.  They said that they would make sure that all the windows that the put the siding around are sealed up well.  I didn't even ask on that one which is definitely reassuring.

There is the laminate flooring.  This section will be known as sock slide run. (mud room/hall?)

Pretty happy with the way it is turning out (kitchen)

Ah, the Ravenna problem... Where do people put their coats when they come in?  I'll just tell people to leave their coats outside ;-)  Seriously though, are coat hooks in order?

My wife is calling this the dining room, which of course confuses the bejesus out of me when I am talking with her.  We plan on putting the dining room table in here, but come-on this is still the morning room!

Someone better not forget that gasket!!!

The good news is that they did reroute the close washer overflow pipe for me and I think that it does look better.

Overflow pipe #2

Overflow pipe #3

So the plumber spent all that time rerouting the overflow pipe and then at the end the pipe was cut short and does not quite empty into the drain..... sigh, really?

The banisters for my basement stairs are just 90 degree sharp angles.  I see on the model that they have been rounded.  I would think that they would round these for me as well but it is getting later in the game so it seems I may have to mention it.


  1. I hear ya on Ryan having all your money! Thomas, that brick is absolutely gorgeous! First time I've seen it. If you have kids and/or dogs, you will LOVE having laminate. Wish now we had chosen tht instead of hardwood. We had laminate in our old house and two pretty large dogs. It still looked brand new the day we moved out. Our 3-month-old hardwood is showing scratches and chips already. I thought the laminate was easier to keep clean, too. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for the updates. We look forward to your humor!

  2. Replies
    1. Our closing got pushed back to the 17th since there was a delay on one of the county inspections.

    2. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! We were supposed to be closing buddies!

  3. Well, at least it's the actual toilet which saw possible usage. The husband stopped by the house over the weekend and thinks someone peed in our shower pan. Ick!

    House is looking good. Enter end game!

  4. It is looking really good. I love your floors!

  5. All of those notes are funny! I have never seen a Ryan Home with cameras in it! I can understand someone using the toilet, but the shower? LOL

  6. As a fellow Ravenna owner, I can tell you the front door guest's coats are thrown down the basement stairs. They never know and my dog has a soft places to lay down on!
    I haven't run into this issue yet. We go in through the garage and will keep jackets and the likes in that closet. For guests in cold times, I guess I will collect and set down in another thrown down the basement steps. hahahahaha.....HAHAHAHAHA.

    1. I plan on using this coat throwing tactic when we have guests over!

  7. Looks great! wow! It seems like just yesterday that we were watching you stalk the empty lot. It's amazing how fast time flies. I can't wait to see the brick with the siding!