Helpful Blog Tips

Here are a few blog tips that can help you and your followers that come to your site:
  • Add the followers gadget to your blog so that people can easily become follower with a few clicks.  Go to your blogger design view, click on "Layout", click on the page where it says "Add a Gadget", and look for the followers gadget.
  • Turn off captcha (word verification) for your blog so that it will be easier for people to make posts to your site.  Having to put in that random string of letters and numbers can be very tedious and especially if you do not have a physical keyboard.  If there is any spam that shows up on the blog it can easily be removed and Google already filters out the vast majority of the spam.  I personally have not had a spam post that I have needed to delete.  Here is where to turn it off:

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  1. That word verification is annoying. I didn't even know my blog was doing it until I just checked. Thanks!